White Toner Printers and Presses

The Crio line is the next generation of OKI white toner printers. Crio is “Powered by OKI” and brings white toner laser printing to the next level. All Crio laser printers include CadLink Digital Factory RIP software and a remote support tablet.

Benefits of White Toner Transfer

RIP Software Included

Every Crio® printer comes with a version of the Digital Factory White Toner Transfer RIP software. The intuitive software offers high fidelity color and includes print production tools not found in most sublimation RIP software solutions

Remote Support Tablet Included

The Crio® remote support tablet is your all-in-one tool for success. The tablet has everything you need to be successful in a single device. The tablet is preloaded with links to important tools unlocking endless opportunities.

Printer to Process Support

While many manufacturers only provide support for their equipment, Crio® takes support to a new level by providing printer to process assistance. We want you to succeed, and to us that means service beyond the printer.

Success Resources & Training

From how-to videos, to marketing kits, to profit guides, Crio® is here to help you up your marketing game and elevate your knowledge. All of these exclusive assets are available to Crio® owners at MyCrio.com.

Any Color, Any Material

Create beautiful, vibrant prints that transfer onto hundreds of different light and dark materials such as cotton, polyester, denim, wood, acrylic, glass, metal, and more!

Low Cost of Ownership

Unlike sublimation or inkjet printers, Crio® white toner printers requires virtually no maintenance other than replacing consumables, as needed.

Straight Paper Path

Don't all printers have a straight paper path? No, but Crio printers do. This helps eliminate paper jam points allowing you to print on the widest and thickest variety of paper of your choice, not the manufacturers.

Crio Care Warranty

Crio® offers unparalleled warranty to ensure your peace-of-mind. Every Crio® printer comes with a 2-year onsite warranty. That's right, onsite. That means if we cannot fix the issue remotely, we will send a service technician to your door.


The new Crio® 8432WDT is a digital decorator’s dream. This compact 4-color, 4-station white toner printer is perfect for hobbyists, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. The compact Crio® 8432WDT fits on a desktop and prints CMY-K (black) or W (white) on paper, film, and transfer sheets up to 11” wide and 52” long.

Crio’s straight paper path technology minimizes paper jam points, so you can print on the widest variety of media over comparable printers. And with toner costs averaging around $0.35 per sheet, you can profit from even the smallest orders!

With your Crio® 8432WDT, you not only get a printer – but a business in a box! The 8432WDT comes ready-to-go with CADlink Digital Factory 10 RIP Software, so you can start printing right out of the gate. You also receive a Crio® Remote Support Tablet, which is loaded with all of the resources, tools, and support you need to be successful.


The Crio 9541WDT – powered by OKI – is your production-level print shop in a box! Only the 9541WDT offers a single pass, 5-color, 5- station transfer system with cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and white (dedicated CMYKW) toners in one unit. Achieve the widest color gamut with brilliant colors, opaque white, and true deep black. The Crio 9541WDT’s straight paper path technology minimizes paper jams and allows you to print on the widest variety of papers, films or transfer sheets on the market at an incredible 1200×1200 dpi resolution.

Print 1 or 100! With the white toner process, you don’t need to set a minimum order quantity. You’ll be able to accept one-offs to large custom orders and still profit. Create beautiful, vibrant prints that transfer onto hundreds of different light and dark materials such as cotton, polyester, denim, wood, acrylic, glass, metal, and more! Crio offers unparalleled support to ensure your success with instructional how-to videos, free training, and a 2-year on-site warranty.


No more having to screenprint or contour-cut with vinyl cutter/plotters to get white lettering or graphics! Print efficiently and easily with the OKI C711WT Data proColor series laser fabric transfer printer. Using a combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White toners, this heat transfer paper printer can print a full spectrum of rich, high-definition colors – including more than you’re used to!

This unique white toner technology also makes especially efficient use of the current self-weeding heat transfer papers currently available on the market, so you’re never limited by your printing again!

The OKI C711WT features a straight through media path to print up to 140lb weight media, transfer media 8.5″ x 11″ and 8.5″ x 17″, as well as a 530 sheet lower paper cassette to handle every-day printing. With easy to use printing drivers that allow you to control your printing details, the OKI proColor White Toner series offer heat transfer decorators a level of production and cost-efficiency that other processes just can’t match, on a large and short-run scale.

DEMO OKI Pro8432WT Textile Transfer Printer

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The Pro8432WT provides HD-quality color heat transfers for apparel, hard goods and a wide range of promotional materials. It features advanced white toner technology with solid opacity and CMY color. The Pro8432WT is a compact and efficient printer, with a straight-through print path and high-efficiency material handling for simple operation and lower costs.

Delivering High Definition quality with expanded color capabilities, the Pro8432WT printer produces vibrant, cost-efficient color heat transfers. This compact printer features white toner technology with solid opacity plus CMY color. It fits on a desktop and prints on transfer sheets up to tabloid size. A straight-through paper path reduces material handling and eliminates expensive special media printing processes.

Print the best: High-quality heat transfer printing
Tired of compromising on designs, or worrying about how vibrant colors will look on dark materials. Now your worries are over, with the OKI Pro8432WT color printer. The Pro8432WT lets you print quickly and easily – in-house and on-demand – with results that will impress.
•Produce vibrant, high-quality color heat transfers easily and affordably
•Customized support for transfer media, so you can set up jobs quickly using familiar terms
•Eliminates trial-and-error media selection, boosting your print productivity

Grow your market: White toner technology … plus!
The Pro8432WT gives you exceptional white toner printing technology with solid opacity plus CMY color. So you can create vibrant color transfers on light and dark apparel, hard goods and promotional merchandise.
•Offer popular and profitable new printing services

Accelerate your output: Fast, smooth color print output
When you need high-speed, high-quality throughput, OKI delivers. The Pro8432WT keeps work flowing smoothly, with accelerated print speeds and efficient transfer media feeds.
•Prints color plus black through a mix of Cyan Magenta and Yellow toner
•Up to 16 letter-size or 9 tabloid-size full color transfers per minute – even when applying full coverage at high resolution2
•300-sheet day-to-day tray reduces paper handling – 100-sheet Multi-Purpose Tray also handles postcards and invitations

Easy versatility: Save time and gain new printing options
The Pro8432WT color printer has what you need in a transfer media printer. It produces High Definition color quality with white toner, for vibrant color transfer on light and dark apparel, hard goods, promotional merchandise and more. It offers tremendous versatility, so you can explore new applications, open new revenue streams, and grow your printing business.
•An affordable, time-saving alternative to screen printing
•Simple-to-use with little or no setup costs

Recommended Heat Press

The Digital Knight DK20S is our ‘flagship’ 16×20 swing-away heat transfer press. The DK20S combines a heavy-duty solid steel industrial grade pressing framework with accurate and easy to use electronics to provide the operator with the best possible features and equipment needed for today’s various heat transfer applications.
This press is the most popular 16×20 machine in the industry. It is world-renowned as the top-end, robust-workhorse of all swing away heat presses. There is also a Jumbo sized 20×25 heat platen version of this press, the DK25S. An air-operated automatic version is also available: the DK20SP.