The Shock Line RIP Software is not required however the management of new laser/led OKI white toner printers is easier and more economical to operate. The user-friendly RIP ensures the best possible results in white and in color prints, minimizing consumption of CMY and white toners optimizing costs. It analyzes and quantifies the cost of consumables for each printout.

Thanks to the toner opacity/coverage meter you can keep costs under control and achieve the maximum possible profit on each job.

It also suggests the suitable transfer paper to be used depending on the support to customize and for each material/transfer paper selection it automatically matches the ideal color profile and the least amount of White required to ensure maximum print results. It also allows manual adjustments for specific needs.

Shock Line also offers the opportunity of a “cost per page” contract based on actual consumption of toner. This means that each copy will have a cost corresponding to the actual amount of toner used, detected thanks to the RIP.

The Shockline RIP provides access to a rich and constantly updated archive of images that satisfy the custom-printing needs of many markets, including fashion and promotional wear, metal plaques for sports awards, packaging, leather gadgets and decoupage objects.

The RIP software maximizes gains!

Application Instructions for TOPCUT Self Weed for Light Fabrics

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Shockline RIP Instructions


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